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Kenny Desmangles What Am I Supposed To Do

Published: Apr 3, 2014 by admin Filed under: Music

Musically, Kenny Desmangles is not idle. After "You got mail (I got nothing but love)" released last year, the artist presented Thursday, March 27, 2014 a new single called "What Am I Supposed To Do". This song you can listen to it on this website and its already in heavy rotation on several stations in the capital and provincial cities. It is also available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google play, etc.. Kennyway said that thes song will be available on his solo album which will be released shortly.

Right now, will be the best time for some new materials on the market. With the trouble of Kreyol la and djakout#1 yet to release their cd. The HMI fans are on a stand by mode and are starving for some good kompa music. We at will keep you posted on everything that going on.

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Djakout#1 and Kreyol La New Album

Published: Mar 12, 2014 by admin Filed under: Music

It's difficult to look ahead in the Haitian music world. Konpa album release dates are often announced only six or so weeks in. But the Haitian music world is a world of chaos.

That said, we have a question for you: What Konpa album are you most looking forward to in 2014? Feel free to base your vote on rumor and intuition. Djakout#1 and Kreyol la, haven't announced release dates or anything yet, but we're fairly positive they'll drop new albums sometime in 2014.

Now that K-naval is over and summer is right around the conner. The fans will nedd something new from djakout#1 and kreyol la to set the HMI on fire.

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What makes great Kompa Music?

Published: Jul 18, 2012 by admin Filed under: Cultural
For me great Kompa music is made with great patience. I'm not a Kompa musician, I have what is probably comparable to a 1st grader's knowledge and ability of playing a piano, but from my life long pursuit of attentively listening and analyzing Haitian music, I've found the best Haitian musicians use a lot of patience in their music (Ti Mannon, Arly, Alan Cave and Daan Junior). They don't rush the pieces, they let it build, slowly and powerfully, so that you feel the full magnitude of their expression.

We have a lot of new bands that tend to rush an album. Take your time and polish your skills. Music is meant to savour.

To me, this seems to be what separates the good and great from the timeless and unforgettable. Like the emotion you hear when Ti Manno or Gracia Delva sings, or the provoking thought you feel from Coupe Cloue's lyrics. I feel like I can hear the patience put into that. It isn't rushed, care has been taken.

Our music, our heritage and culture is what we have left to share with the world. Please, let's do an a great job by producing master piece.

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Why it take Haitian Bands so long to put an album out?

Published: Jul 17, 2012 by admin Filed under: Music
It takes a long time to make a great kompa album. I should also mention that more Kompa albums back then were completed in the studio in only a few takes. Less technology in the studio, less toys to play around with, meant shorter production times, so it wasn't a big deal for a Haitian band to go into the studio for two weeks in between gigs.

Fast forward to today, a ton of kompa bands take up to 3 years between studio albums. The main reason I've seen is because of touring in Haiti, France, Canada, the U.S and the Caribbeans and business models, and I would agree with that, but there are other reasons. 

Also, with the the internet. There's always a constant, small stream of hype from die-hard kompa fans eagerly anticipating a new album. These are the people that follow the band's posts on, and, and the like, and check back every day for any news, etc. Kompa Bands can take their time in the studio because they will never lose that hype (I'm talking to you Nu Look and Djakout).

To finish, for the most part, Haitian bands love their crafts and they will take their time to put a good product out there. We know how competitive the Haitian Music Industry is, If you put a sub-par album in the street you are as good as grass......simply

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Open Letter to Arly LARIVIERE and Leaders of NU-LOOK

Published: Jul 16, 2012 by admin Filed under: Press Release
Dear Maestro and my dear leaders of NU-LOOK,

I struggled to write these few words expressing my bitterness and my disappointment at the unnecessary repetition of crises within the group, also the lack of pragmatism and professionalism of the management team making NU-LOOK again the target of gossip and a spotlight for pirate radio djs and gossipers alike, for the most poorly trained ones.

No need to tell you dear Maestro and leaders of my NU-LOOK how my frustration and the lack of professionalism of the management team.

It's been a year since we came out of a crisis caused by circumstances that everybody knows, thanks to the support of countless and tireless fanatics like myself and many others, also thanks to the release of latest album group these hits has forced all those who fought the group to recognize the genius of Arly Lariviere and accept Nu-look as inescapable and undeniable tenor of the compass. However we can not possibly get any progress within the team since we are accustomed to these great musical success, and that despite this, the mismanagement and lack of professionalism management of staff, remains strong. None of the band's songs are produce for a music video, a year later, despite the constant demands of a music video from the fanatics. Is this a problem of budget, time or simply a lack of respect or appreciation for us fanatics who really like Nu-Look?

I am forwarding the message here and frustrations of many fans of the group that never tire, against wind and blast their passion to defend (NU-LOOK). Do not tell us that this is a budget problem since, unlike the period of crisis, Nu-Look has the largest share of contracts of HMI. Do not just tell us about a problem long since we played that weekend in most cases. I  think it's the lack of respect for fans, giving you time to correct problems or continue to ignore the cries of your fans.

Yours Truly, Yves Blot DOLCE,, Coordinator of NU-LOOK Family.

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